Monday, January 12, 2015

Me Earl and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews

Me Earl and the Dying Girl
By Jesse Andrews

Published: May 7,2013
Publisher: Amulet Paperbacks
Pages: 304

ISBN: 1419705326
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 Up until senior year, Greg has maintained total social invisibility. He only has one friend, Earl, and together they spend their time—when not playing video games and avoiding Earl’s terrifying brothers— making movies, their own versions of Coppola and Herzog cult classics. Greg would be the first one to tell you his movies are f*@$ing terrible, but he and Earl don’t make them for other people. Until Rachel.
Rachel has leukemia, and Greg’s mom gets the genius idea that Greg should befriend her. Against his better judgment and despite his extreme awkwardness, he does. When Rachel decides to stop treatment, Greg and Earl must abandon invisibility and make a stand. It’s a hilarious, outrageous, and truthful look at death and high school by a prodigiously talented debut author.

My Review:
I really liked this book when I read it. The story was written really well and it was such a quick read. I read this last year and I can honestly say I don't remember much about it. This is going to be a short review but it is a good book and very enjoyable its just not a memorable book. I recommend it to anyone there is no reason not you to. You will end the book feeling pleased, it is also a great book for getting someone out of a reading slump.

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  1. I don't remember ever hearing about Me Earl and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews, but you make it sound like a fabulous read! And the cover is definitely unique and colorful. Draws your eyes to it quickly. I think I'll think about this one... ;)

  2. The cover looks colourful and bright which attracted me right away. Not sure about reading it myself, but it definitely can't be missed by the eye!

    1. Check out my review and giveaway: