2015 Goals and Challenges

TBR Jar Challenge
- At the start of the year I will pick a piece of paper from my TBR Jar and it will have one of these challenges on it. When I finish that challenge or a new month starts I will pick a new one. So if I pick one in January and don't finish it by February I now have two to complete. Wish me luck and join in if you want (:

1. Read the book you have had longest on your TBR
2. Read a book 500+ pages
3. Finish a series
4. Read a classic novel
5. Read a book with a number in the title - February pick City of bones ( had a #1 on it)
6. Listen to an audio book
7. Read a graphic novel
8.  Read a book someone else picks for you - January pick the book is Outlander
9. Read a play
10. Read a book of short stories or essays
11. Read the book to match the season ( that you are in when picked)
12. Read a book you started but didn't finish
13. Read a book entirely based on the cover or spine
14. Read a book that had red on the cover
15. Read a book by a new-to-you author - February pick The Duff by Kody Keplinger
16. Read a 2015 debut - May pick The darkest part of the forest By Holly Black
17. Read a book that is out of your normal genre
18. Read a book set in a different country
19. Read a book with magic in it
20.  Read a book that was made into a movie/watch the movie - April pick Fight Club
21. Read a book with a color in the title
22. Read a book that is a retelling

Series Challenge
- In 2014 I started a lot of series and I think I finished one. So for 2015 I have set a goal for myself to finish or catch up on ALL the series I started in 2014. Here is the list on series but not the books I need for them. ( it would just be too long)

1. The Lunar Chronicles
2. The Darkest Minds
3. The Syrian Legacy
4. The Layburn Legacy  I will never be finishing this series
5. Divergent ( just the companion novel Four)
6. Harry Potter (yes I am ashamed of this)
7. The Lux Series
8. The Mortal Instruments
9. The Infernal Devices
10. Across the Universe
11. Saga - Caught up at the moment
12. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
13. The Program

I also would like to start and finish the Percy Jackson Series and the Outlander Series

My goal for books to read this year will be 55 and my goal for pages read this year will be 16,000. Just to clarify when I say pages read I mean of a finished book I only count the pages of a book I have finished,

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