Sunday, January 4, 2015

House of Ivy and Sorrow By Natalie Whipple

House of Ivy and Sorrow
By Natalie Whipple

Published: April 5, 2014
Publisher: Harperteen
Pages: 360
ISNB: 0062120182

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Josephine Hemlock has spent the last 10 years hiding from the Curse that killed her mother. But when a mysterious man arrives at her ivy-covered, magic-fortified home, it’s clear her mother’s killer has finally come to destroy the rest of the Hemlock bloodline. Before Jo can even think about fighting back, she must figure out who she’s fighting in the first place. The more truth Jo uncovers, the deeper she falls into witchcraft darker than she ever imagined. Trapped and running out of time, she begins to wonder if the very Curse that killed her mother is the only way to save everyone she loves.

My Review:
This was a really fun and super quick read. It was such an original story as far as the magic goes. I loved the way the magic was used and the means about getting it. The story is very gripping, I was immediately attached to most of the characters, although there were some that were just unmemorable to me I still liked them all while reading. I gave this book 4 stars because of the ending, I didn't like how easily everything wrapped up. I wish there would have been more of an ending to the main problem. It was just too simple for me. It is a really wonderful standalone novel and a great read for anyone who loves to magic and a hint of romance.

My Rating:


  1. House of Ivy and Sorrow sounds like my perfect cup of tea! Especially since I love magic and a hint of romance in most of my stories. Though I am a bit worried about how the ending ended a little too perfect from what I read in your review. Sometimes endings like that get on my nerves just because not everything is resolved the way it should be in a stand-alone. Either way, I still want to read this one. Thanks Tayler! :D

  2. Bookowl93, I wouldn't say it ends perfect it just ended too easy for me. It really is a great read and I think you will enjoy it (:

    1. Easy endings can also get on my nerves...But thanks for the honesty! Hope I can check it out soon! ^_^